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Doing it Differently with Sociocracy & Dragon Dreaming

Taster Sessions: Sat 18 Feb (10am-1pm) and Wednesday 22 Feb (6-9pm)

One-day work-and-play-shop: Sat 4 March (10am-4pm)

You are warmly invited to join us for these work-and-play-shops, which are part of the Creative Conversations series on the theme of Re-Imagining Power Together.

Part training and part collective inquiry, the aim is to consider practical responses to these questions: 

  • How do we become better at working together and making more wise and loving decisions? 

  • How do we avoid the waste of resources, energy and goodwill that our collaborative ventures too often fall into? 

  • How do we share power in a way that is equitable and fair, while at the same time becoming more agile and effective, and enabling the good that is in all our hearts to flow more freely?   

We will be reflecting on our past experiences of collaboration, and considering how pulling in patterns from Sociocracy 3.0 (S3) could assist us in building organic, regenerative communities and projects. 

The taster sessions (two date options) will provide an overview of S3, and an introduction to some of the patterns offered within this framework, with particular emphasis on consent decision making. 

This session will stand alone, and will be followed by an optional one-day work-and-play-shop for those who wish to dig deeper into the S3 approach. This will be an opportunity, if you wish, to work with decisions and needs that your team or group are facing, exploring the practical application of S3 patterns in live scenarios. We will also touch on some of the insights from Dragon Dreaming and the Twelve Traditions of AA.

The sessions will incorporate some movement, possibly a song or two, and an invitation to whole-hearted and playful engagement. 

See the Event Schedule for more details and to book. It would be great to see you there!


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