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None of these ideas we can claim as ours - it's all part of a collaborative co-emergence happening on many different fronts. This movement of movements is like an unstoppable wave: the collective power and direction is all there, our task is simply to come into alignment and pay attention to what shows up. 

The only possible response then is simply open-handed gratitude for what we continue to receive, and for being alive in these turning times. 

Our Thanks

With grateful thanks to friends and colleagues who have given their time, wisdom and support to help shape this initial vision, and in particular Abie Raynsford, Andrew Cook, Jim Green, Jo Guthrie, Liz Cannon, Mary Green, Simon McKibben (K2) and Vera Proudlove.


Thank you to Emily-Scott Bolton, whose generous hospitality and beautiful yoga studio (the first Gathering Gate) has supported and inspired our work together. 

Gratitude and honour to Eliza's mum (now passed on to the other side) and to Jen's mum (both of whom by some curious coincidence are called 'Joy'), for their unconditional love. 

With gratitude and honour to the elements that give life: the air, the earth, the water, the sun... and to the living creatures and the more-than-human entities for the part they have all played in this creative offering. 


We are finding common ground with and drawing inspiration from the following like-minded initiatives. We acknowledge with deep appreciation all they (and others too) are doing in service of the Great Turning.  

Campfire Projects

Climate Emergency Centres

Conscious Gems


Deep Adaptation
Freedom Network (and its local hub, Norwich Light Network)
North Norfolk District Council
Grassroots to Global
iFarm Norfolk

Imaginal Futures
Transformative Adaptation (TrAd)
The Greater Reset
Trust the People

We are also, with all humility, standing on the shoulders of giants who have gone before us, and we particularly honour, amongst others Extinction Rebellion and Transition Network.

We are independent of all these communities while at the same time welcoming partnership with all who broadly share this vision of a more beautiful world. 

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