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A Shared Platform

As well as making our own offerings of events and workshops, we are opening a field of intention for developing a platform where we can share resources and support other like-minded projects. We envisage this will grow slowly and organically, and that it will support our collaborations and foster new synergies. 
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Online Community

We've set up an an online platform for the Gathering Gates Community (powered by Mighty Networks). The purpose of this is to help us find each other, curate creative conversations, and self-organise in groups. The idea is to keep it local, and combine online conversations with in-person encounter.  

This provides a much-needed alternative to the dominant mainstream – and increasingly toxic – social media platforms, as we resist the encroachment of corporate media monopolies and the surveillance culture they foster. 

We're happy to host like-minded groups here, get in touch if that grabs you. 

It's nice for us if you also signup to our email list, so we can put messages directly into your inbox. In due course we'll integrate the two more fully, and will keep you posted about that. 

Stacked Wooden Logs
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Gift Circles

We'd like to form a Gift Circle of sorts, where practitioners and projects can come together periodically on an 'offer-and-ask' basis.


The idea is to ask from the circle things we need in order to progress with our work - whether it be physical equipment, material resources, skills, or simply some moral support and ideas; and to offer our surplus energy, skills and material stuff to others. 

This is one of the ways we can move into a Gift Economy – trusting the flow, celebrating the abundance in our midst, and letting go of what we no longer need. 

This is in the dreaming stage at the moment, we'll probably wait until we've grown our network further before setting it in motion. In the meantime, let us know if this idea inspires you. 

Back-Office Support

With so many of our projects we seem to be reinventing the wheel, and could potentially save each other a whole lot of brain-ache and time pooling our skills and resources, particularly when it comes to doing the back-office stuff such as...

Organising venues

Event promotion 

Online booking pages for events

Book-keeping and accounts 

Press releases and media liaison

Legal structures


We're still in the dreaming stage for this one too, cooking up a Gift Economy model for how it might work, and plans for fundraising later in the year. 


The gift economy represents a shift from consumption to contribution, transaction to trust, scarcity to abundance and isolation to community.

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