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In this meditation we’re inviting you to sit quietly with all this material with a view to connecting with it at depth and in light of your own experience. (With thanks to K2 for these words of inspiration). 

We're in a vision meeting, Liz, Jen and K2, exploring this idea of the Gathering Gates. We want to open up the meaning of essence as the heart of where we're coming from.

The metaphor of water has been offered, the deep waters, the sustaining clear waters, where we can drink and quench our thirst. Something in us knows when we encounter water that is deeply nourishing. It has a sense of natural purity. It has a taste of peace and refreshment, a taste of vitalisation, a taste of community and of deep and satisfying connection.

What would make my life more wonderful or more beautiful? What would satisfy my deepest needs, both in myself and together with others? 

What brings the fresh edge and the forward movement that we can enjoy together? And the sense of meaning and purpose that invigorates us to be creative, generous, playful, spontaneous and whole? 
How do we access a sense of the dance, the movement of responding appropriately and naturally to the world's calls for help?

Sitting in this invitation, what is the essence of what really matters to you? What touches your heart? And how might this contribute to the world? What actions might you do if you lived from this deep well of meaning, health and connection?

We invite you to sense your contact with the earth right now, through your feet or the chair, sensing the body, entertaining and being available to the felt sense of this deep water, this deep lake. It might be blue or green in colour, or clear. It might have lotuses blooming up and blossoming on the surface. There might be many of them, like a community at different stages of growth, all together, offering their petals and their beauty to the world and to each other. 

Resting here. With all of this.

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