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The emphasis in our programme of Learning Circles is on opening fields of inquiry where we sit with questions and allow space for the unknown. We want to learn from those who have done their homework, but we also want to tap into everyone's insight and wisdom: the circle rather than the classroom. In this way we hope to activate our intuitive knowing and collective intelligence as well developing and sharing our cognitive knowledge. 

How to Be Human: Grief and Gratitude


Grief Tending in Community

20 November with Sophy Banks

18 December with Dita Vizoso and Liz Day

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Healthy Human Cultures - an interactive seminar

with Sophy Banks

11.30am to 1.30pm 21 November 2021

Undivided: A Politics of Non-Violence

A field of inquiry to consider how we make the shift from adversarial and hierarchical ways of collective organising, towards decentralised, non-violent systems and collaborations. 

No upcoming events at the moment

​Pulling out the chair, beneath your mind, and watching you fall on the beloved. What else is there to do that is any fun in this world!