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Land-Based Hubs

It seems the time is ripe for returning to the land. We've now launched an ambitious project to form a community and to procure land and property. See Beloved Earth Community for more. 

There are many other groups around the country mobilising and organising around this intention, as well as those already established such as the Lammas Eco Village in Wales. 

Some of these groups are exploring possibilities for living on the land, approaching local landowners and farmers and ‘collapse aware’ investors. Others, like iFarm (Ikigai Farm Limited) for example, are working on projects to combat loneliness and social isolation and to provide access to green space, an objective that features high on the agenda of many local authorities.


iFarm is a volunteer-led Community Benefit Society (CBS) with 11 acres of land on the borders of Norfolk and Suffolk. It has a vision for rural regeneration, led by a restorative approach to agricultural and horticultural business, and offering scientific, educational and cultural activities. 

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