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Beloved Earth Community Vision

Beloved: Questing Within


Higher Power

Coming into alignment with our ‘Higher Power’ through inner work (self-examination) and deep listening (prayer and meditation); and discovering the web of participation in which we are infinitely held.

We want to intentionally and continually open ourselves, as individuals and as a community, to a power and a grace that is above and beyond our solitary attempts to fix what is broken, practising radical trust. 

What is it like in your body-mind to use the words 'Higher Power'? Are there other terms that resonate for you, for example 'deeper knowing' or 'grounded relationship' perhaps?

How can we best describe that within us which knows itself to be true, and that has the innate capacity to connect with the greater whole? 

Buddhist Singing Bowl
Prayer to the Lord

Stepping Off the Maps

We’re sensing that the time is ripe for stepping off the known maps, and so we’re inviting a starting point somewhat different to what we may be familiar with. We’re calling this a ‘faith-based’ approach, but this doesn’t mean being aligned with any particular institution or tradition (although we remain open to all sources of wisdom, ancient and new).

In the broadest sense this is about digging deep into our hearts and acting from a place of inner knowing; trusting our own experience and calling on divine assistance from within us and beyond us.


What might it look like, as we navigate the way ahead, to place beauty and intuition alongside our powers of reason and technology?  

Not Knowing

We're holding an intention to be in a place of not-knowing and to practice radical trust, a kind of seeing in the dark, making room for what we don’t know we don’t know to emerge.

We value questions as much as answers and to this end we have started compiling a list of 'Live Inquiries'. We look forward to hearing your questions too.

Through dancing with Mystery in this way, may we tap into a source, a Higher Power, within and among us, that will guide and sustain us as we form a beloved earth community, and as we boldly step across the bounds of the known, and into a wide open space of possibility.

Yellow Flower

Societal Transformation

We believe that deep societal transformation cannot happen without working on ourselves too, and that this can and does effect change at the energetic level through the amplification of love and compassion in the world. Prioritising this dimension is an essential part of what we are hoping to achieve here.

This means, amongst other things, holding an intention to live in a conscious way, and embracing pain and difficulties as opportunities for growth and transformation. It's also about holding a strong vision of our future ideal, and becoming active co-creators in the Great Work of our times. 

There are a thousand ways to
kneel and kiss the ground.  


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