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Beloved Earth Community Vision

Earth: Questing in Place


Communion with the Earth

Tuning into the wellbeing of the earth as intrinsic to and inseparable from our own; observing the unique ecosystem of a particular piece of land and calling on its wisdom, guidance and support. This is about, amongst other things, evolving a form of sacred economics that is inherently regenerative rather than endlessly extractive. 

We believe there can be no regeneration of self and culture without a renewed relationship with the actual earth; and that we need to bring our human nature into harmony with the natural world around us. 

"The renewal of life on the planet must be based on the continuity between the human and the other than human as a single integral community." - Thomas Berry


Sacred Economics

We’re inviting a living inquiry into how we can renew and transform our current dysfunctional monetary system, with a view to making money work for us and for the earth, rather than us working for money. We wish to put money in the backseat, and to be led by our shared intention and our collective higher purpose, trusting that everything we need will flow from that. 

In what ways have you experienced money (or lack of) getting in the way of you following your highest aspirations and your dreams of a better world? 

Do you have a sense of how changing our relationship with money and with the earth itself could be a core part of this vision of establishing a Beloved Earth Community? 

True Wealth

We believe true wealth is held in relationship and in community, and it is derived from nature, from the earth’s abundance.  Money is merely a symbol of these treasures, albeit one in which our culture has invested great power. 

What is of value to us? How do we determine what is truly valuable?

In what ways is it meaningful and true to derive our sense of value from the material and the measurable? How do we  accord value to the non-material and to those things which cannot be measured, such as love and beauty?


The gift economy represents a shift from consumption to contribution, transaction to trust, scarcity to abundance and isolation to community.

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