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Jenny Haycocks

In 2019, I became a full time activist in XR and within allied movements including the Gathering Gates. My main focus has been contributing to the development of regenerative and visionary cultures. Using my qualification and experience as a further education teacher, dancer, and somatic movement educator, I also lead site-specific performance art, including choreography and singing. 

I'm interested in tuning in to non-conceptual intelligence through the wisdom of the relational sensing body. This eco-consciousness I believe unfolds within, and in correspondence with the nature without, as we arise in one undivided harmony.

My Story

My journey as a young adult took me to complete a psychology degree, to follow a meditation practice of presence through Soto Zen Buddhism and become a builder and director in Giroscope Workers Co-operative; housing ourselves and other homeless and disadvantaged people. This seven-year, day-to-day experience of living empowerment and challenge of the status quo informs the way I experience what may be possible outside of normal conventions. 

My journey continued with sixteen years experience as a teacher within further education. Here I followed students’ needs and interests and developed the curricula with them in the areas of dance, drama, the Duke of Edinburgh's Award and Emotional Wellbeing. I hold a Postgraduate Certificate in Post Compulsory Education. 

During these teaching years I felt that education was becoming biased to narrow forms of intelligence while other forms; sensing, feeling, intuiting and deeper sources of knowing were overlooked. This led me to take a master’s degree in Dance and Somatic Well-being: Connections to the Living Body, at the University of Central Lancashire for which she was awarded a distinction. 

This course supported me to sense and express myself more clearly and to frame a pioneering approach to addiction recovery, through my project 'Somatic Health’. I also offering dance improvisation sessions that further connect with our somatic felt sense. I am a Registered Somatic Movement Educator with ISMETA (International Somatic Movement Educator and Therapist Association).


I'd love to hear from you if you'd like to connect around Beloved Earth Community or any of the other projects I'm involved with. 

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