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Rosie Anne 

I’m a free spirit at heart, inspired by ancient wisdom and a deep sense of longing for living a truer, more beautiful life (to quote Glennon Doyle). My personal brand of activism is to keep the focus on accepting the things I can’t change, building courage to change the things I can and consciously opening up to receive the wisdom to know the difference. 

My primary purpose right now is to continue to tend to my own healing and to raising my teenage daughter, which is all of a piece with the work (and play) of forming this new community. It’s time to pull together folks!

My Story

My life path has taken me through many different landscapes in pursuit of greater health and wellbeing for my daughter and I.  Some of these have been treacherous and I’ve got very lost, others have been joyful and connecting. At times along the way it has been necessary to leave behind much of what is known and ‘mainstream’ in order to live more in line with my values. 


I believe that stepping more into self-responsibility and seeking divine guidance for where to channel my energy is the best way for me to ‘do my bit’ in these challenging times.


My daughter and I were both formally identified as PDA autistic in 2016, and are proud advocates of neurodiversity affirming culture. I have discovered a creative role within this community delivering heart-centred conference presentations and supporting other parents. Prior to this, I trained and worked as a transpersonal integrative psychotherapist and I am soon to pick up that work once again by training to become a trauma-informed mental health professional with the NARM Institute.


In the more distant past I headed up the music sponsorship programme at a Virgin company. This involved managing big budgets, multiple agencies, TV programme production and headline sponsorship activities at festivals and gigs nationwide. In this work my personal focus was on creating new happy memories for those involved.
You’ll find me chanting, drumming, wild swimming, dancing and grief-tending my way through this chapter of my life. I’m also passionate about sharing what I’ve been freely given through my recovery journey by helping those who are new on this path. I’m at ease holding space in circles and in one-to-one contexts, both therapeutic and otherwise. I continually seek ways to deepen safety, and to invite honesty and open-mindedness into these relational fields. 


My wish for community life? I want to live and die well, with others I come to know with fondness who know me and my daughter the same way. What’s yours?


What are your wishes and fears around community living? Reach me at this email address. 

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