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Liz Day

My creative work out in the world is currently focused on organising community gatherings and holding space for transformative group processes. I’m a co-founder of the Gathering Gates and Norfolk Grief Tending and I regularly facilitate workshops and circles within these networks and beyond. I’m a writer (of poetry and non-fiction), a dancer and a singer of songs. 

My lifelong quest has been to join with others in restoring some of the lost ways of belonging; and in evolving new forms of community to enable us to meet the multiple converging crises (and opportunities) of our times in creative ways.

My Story

In my teens, forces within and beyond me (i.e. grace) fast-tracked me along a path of drug and alcohol addiction and, at the tender age of seventeen, into a journey of spiritual awakening within the 12 Step recovery world. One day at a time, and by the grace of a loving Higher Power, this year I marked 35 years of continuous abstinence from my primary drug of choice. During this time listening to and witnessing literally hundreds of stories of spiritual liberation has been a rich education. 

In my twenties I produced a multi-disciplinary college project on the theme of ‘Community and the Industrial Revolution’. Through this work I began to understand some of the missing pieces of my own personal history and of the wounded ancestral lines flowing through me. It was an initiation of sorts. In my thirties I moved from London to Norwich to study English Literature and Creative Writing, and I graduated with a first class honours degree in 2007. 

Along the way I have learned about the principles and practices that enable 12 Step fellowships to thrive; I have studied and trained in a number of collaborative modalities including Sociocracy 3.0, Dragon Dreaming, the Way of Council and more; and I have studied and worked with teachers within the mystical stream of Christianity, and run workshops, groups and contemplative events on this theme.


My other work experience includes campaigning on international debt (including organising major events), lobbying against nuclear power, coordinating a regional social welfare advice network, and fundraising for a community farm. 


I'd love to hear from you if you'd like to connect around Beloved Earth Community or any of the other projects I'm involved with. 

(+44)7951 928877

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