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Creative Conversations

As part of our Big Lottery (Awards for All) funded project, we're hosting some Creative Conversations, initially on the theme of 'Anticipating Collapse and Envisioning a More Beautiful World'.

We'll be gathering together to hear from some of the innovators in our midst – which includes ordinary folk like you and I. The shape of these gatherings will vary, from small listening circles, to bigger speaker events, and sometimes we may watch an inspiring film together. The overall aim will be to create a platform to amplify and make visible what is already unfolding within and among us. 


Plenty of us have been doing our homework, the question now is how to join it all up. We want to bring online the wisdom of the circle, taking inspiration from those who are bringing gifts and tuning in to what we are all sensing and knowing.

And if that all sounds too much, it's really a simple invitation to come and talk, to listen, and to share what's real for you in your life. It may be that we will find a place of action arising from connection, of projects and collaborations coagulating, and we would like to offer support for that. Or it may be that we can just be together, in the puzzlement and wonder of what it is to be human in these times. 

We're also planning to take the conversation to the streets – in the weeks leading up to these gatherings we'll park ourselves in various locations around the city and invite passers-by to come and talk to us, as we tune in to the themes and concerns that are alive for folk at this time. What we glean will be woven in as this programme evolves.