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Get Involved

​We envisage this initial stage as being about community building, team activation and putting processes and structures in place. That said, anything could happen once we let this cat out of the bag, and we're very much open to whatever shows up...

We'd love to hear from you or, better still, to connect with you in the flesh. With that in mind, we're planning a number of gatherings over the summer. We want to open the field, to explore further the vision set out here, and to build relationships with anyone who feels some resonance with this foundational vision. Sign up to our email list  and go to Gathering Together to find out more.


There's an option on the signup form for you to tell us if you'd like to get actively involved, what your interests are, and what you might like to bring into the mix. It's fine too to just be kept in the loop, no pressure. 

We place value on informal and unstructured ways of meeting alongside the more formal stuff – simply spending time together and giving time, time is important too. We also want to weave in some more focused gatherings with a view to forming a core team – a Dream Team – to take this project forward. With that in mind we are planning some learning labs that will look at: 

  • collective visioning

  • sociocracy training 

  • mapping areas we want to give energy to

  • exploring our mutual skills, gifts and passions

  • agreeing our shared values 

  • electing  people to roles

In all this, we will be taking time to celebrate each forward step towards realising our vision; and we will interweave creative and connecting activities, with a view to ditching the whole idea of board (bored) meetings.

The times are urgent – we must slow down.